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Mastering the Art of Writing
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Module 1 - Prewriting
Prewriting - Module Contents
Researching Content Topics - Video Example
Prewriting Exercise

Module 2 - Drafting
Drafting - Module Contents
Drafting Exercise

Module 3 - Revising
Revising - Module Contents
Revising Exercise

Module 4 - Editing
Editing - Module Contents
Editing Exercise
Editing - Video Examples

Module 5 - Evaluating
Evaluating - Module Contents
Evaluating Exercise

Module 6 - Publishing
Publishing - Module Contents

Premium Resources and Tools
Sell to the Crowd - The Power of Persuasive Writing
The Experts Guide to Writing Powerful Emails
Hero Habits - How to be Awesome Everyday at Work and Life
How To Think Bigger - Aim Higher, Get More Motivated, and Accomplish Big Things - by Martin Meadows
Time Management Strategies for Freelancers - Ace Elite Picks
Literary Devices for Creative Writing - Ace Hot Reads
Email Marketing - How to Push Send and Grow Your Business

Bestseller Books and Guides
Words that Work - by Frank Luntz
The Secrets to Writing a Successful Business Plan - by Hal Shelton
7 Steps to Powerful Copywriting - Ace Elite Collection
Communication Hacking - by Kain Ramsay
Headlines that Sell - Ace Super Picks
Swipe Files for Copywriters - Ace Top Picks
Dotcom Secrets - by Russell Brunson
7-Step Content Writing & Marketing Smart-Guide

Ace Secret Vault - The X Files
Ultimate FB Ads Copywriting - Ace Elite Guide
How to Conquer Writers Block - Ace Premium Smart-Guide
The Small Business Growth Playbook - by Oracle Netsuite
The $2 Billion Sales Letter - By Ray Edwards
Creative Writing Secrets - Ace Top Picks
Focus. Motivation. Action - Ace Elite Picks
Keyword Research - A Real-World Guide for Writers

Acing on the Cake - Bonus Goodies
English Grammar For Economics And Business - Patricia Ellman
Where You May Get it Wrong When Writing English - Leon Barkho
Web 2.0 and Social Media - Dr David Sachs and Roger McHaney
Marketing Communications - Olujimi Kayode
Learn Copywriting in a Week - Robert Ashton
The Handbook of Creative Writing - Steven Earnshaw

Epic Copywriting & Content Curation eBooks
Copywriting 101 – How to Craft Compelling Copy
How to Create Content that Converts
Landing Pages: How to Turn Traffic into Money
How to Write Magnetic Headlines
The '5 P' Approach to Copy that Crushes It
Make Your Words Sell - The Art of E-Persuasion
Masters of Copywriting
Content Marketing: How to Build an Audience that Builds Your Business
How to Create Compelling Content that Ranks Well in Search Engines

Words are your sharpest weapon, the strongest defense and the most powerful ally that you have. Our free eBook, Swipe Files for the Lazy Copywriter offers you 20 modules (chapters) with over 2,000 swipes of powerful, persuasive words and phrases to use in sales letters, blog posts, ads, articles, etc. What are swipe files? When picky copywriters struggle to write their words, it feels like psychological torture to finish a writing project for a client. Creativity and enthusiasm refuse to ignite when we need it most, and so we wrestle with our mental thoughts to write that clever headline to make the rest of the sales copy fall into place. Many copywriters, when experiencing writer’s block, cheat their way to writing persuasive sales copy. How do they do it? They use a simple tool called a “swipe file.” A “swipe file” is a collection of headlines, ads, post scripts, brochures, SEO phrases, and guarantees taken from your existing work or lifted off the web. It consists of all the superb copy that you’ve written yourself or you wish you’d written yourself over time. Each chapter in our free eBook contains more than 100 swipes that you can use. You can choose from a large selection of creatively-worded swipes to eradicate your writer’s block and assist you in choosing the best words to write persuasive sales copy for you or for your clients. Our chapters include: 1. Headlines Swipes If you can’t create a powerful headline, you may as well bypass the remainder of your sales copy because readers see the headline first and foremost. With our broad collection of workable headlines, you can grab the attention of your readers and let the rest of your sales copy do its magic! 2. Sub-headlines Swipes Increase your influence with swipes of sub-headlines. Once your headline has seized your reader’s attention, the sub-headline will sum up and support the benefits to hook the reader to peruse the rest of your sales copy. 3. Hypnotic Openers Swipes When you begin sales copy with “Dear reader,” every word that you write must be solid, punchy and loaded with details. Similar to saying, “Once upon a time” to start an adventure story, your hypnotic opener must embrace the reader’s emotions and invite him into your sales copy. 4. High-Converting Bullet Points Swipes If you need to unpack your important ideas on separate lines for extra emphasis, make sure your bullet points count. This swipe module offers you powerful swipes to communicate your benefits quickly and strongly. 5. Persuasive Guarantees Swipes Should you have challenging customers who hesitate to buy, then feature an irresistible offer that is impossible to refuse. Guarantee them that their purchase is risk-free. Find 100 ways to articulate it persuasively! 6. Benefits Swipes Every customer asks themselves, “What’s in it for me?” Benefits not only answer this question, but also gives compelling reasons how you service or product can improve their lives. Use this module to find hundreds of effective ways to word your benefits. 7. Bonuses Swipes We all love bonuses. Discover a hundred ways to show your customers appreciation with free gifts and bonuses. 8. Call to Action Closers Swipes You can write compelling sales copy, but if you can’t clench the sale at the final moment, your efforts will be in vain. You need to stir prospective buyers into action and make them customers by using these call to action closers. 9. The Moment of Decision Swipes You’ve reached the point in your sales copy where the reader must decide to buy or not to buy. It’s now time to prod him into taking the right action (to buy) with these closers. 10. Powerful Post Scripts Swipes Surprisingly, individuals may jump to the end of the sales copy, and this is where you can catch them with powerful post scripts. P.S.: This is a truly ultra powerful module! 11. Engaging Questions Swipes Questions are truly powerful! Asking questions in your sales copy is as almost as good as standing face-to-face with the reader. Questions let your readers participate in the sales copy message, arousing more interest within them. 12. Comparisons Swipes Show proof that your product or service is better than what your competitors offer. This will skyrocket the perceived value of your product or service! Use one or several of these swipes to write killer comparisons! 13. Killer Article Titles Swipes Some people think article marketing has no relation to copywriting. That’s false–if no one reads your articles, then nothing happens. If you want people to read your articles, you need titles that grab their attention. This chapter contains effective ways to word clever article titles. 14. Blog Post Subject Lines Swipes The subject lines of blog posts are the same as article titles: they grab readers’ attention and summarize the essence of the content. To hook more readers, you must know how to write these attention-grabbing subject lines. Search engines will index them as well and list your subject lines in search results. 15. Email Marketing Subject Lines Swipes The only way to increase your “click through” rates from e-mail messages is to make sure recipients actually read your e-mail instead of instantly deleting it. If you know how to write a persuasive email subject line, you can convince the recipient to read your e-mail and click on a link in the message. We’ll reveal to you 100 ways on how to do so. 16. Follow Ups and Follow Throughs Swipes Are customers not buying yet? Follow through or follow up with a friendly e-mail or a series of e-mails. Use one of our many examples on persuading your readers to buy…finally! 17. Personal Branding Swipes Selling yourself (or your company) is as important as selling a quality service or product. This is called branding. The more effective you can brand yourself, the more people will admire you. Browse through this module to find hundreds of snippets on ways to brand yourself on your website’s “About” pages Facebook profile, Twitter profile, LinkedIn profile…you name it! It’s all about you! 18. “Getting an Idea Across” Swipes In some cases you have a fantastic idea but you don’t know how to convey the brilliance of it. These swipes will make sure you have access to all important words to showcase your fantastic idea to the world…and your mom!. 19. Social Media Attention-Getting Swipes Are you a Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter enthusiast? These tweets or post updates will increase your “click through” rates or generate more “Likes” on Facebook. 20. Newspaper Ads Swipes And finally, these newspaper ad swipes will increase business. It doesn’t make a difference if you are online or offline, these swipes are effective to generate business. We provide you with 100 of these swipes to get you started. Ace Approved!

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