Mastering the Art of Writing

Linguistics and the art of conveying your ‘message’ to an audience in an all-encompassing manner is a critical ‘life-skill’ that has made peasants into kings and barren lands into advanced civilisations throughout the annals of human history. The smartest people in the world may sound the dumbest online if they don’t know how to put words together. In the age of social media, ‘what’ you say and ‘how’ you say it is what 'defines' you. It is what people think of you as a person and as a professional. -------------- "Writing IS Power"

The Acepreneur Elite Writer’s Society program is a powerful 1-on-1 personalised writing, blogging, content creation and authorship course that empowers individuals, aspiring writers and entrepreneurs on how to perfect the majestic Art of Writing.

The proven techniques, strategies and focused training empowers your written communication and linguistic persuasive skills to a level where you are able to:

>> Become a compelling writing expert.

>> Qualify to write for major international publications like The Huffington Post,,, HubSpot etc.

>> Create powerful blogs, articles, essays and social media content.

>> Learn the art of 'psycholigical persuasion' and apply them in copywriting, marketing and advertising.

>> Build a solid foundation in freelance writing with Paying Clients ; creating online and digital media written content for websites, blogging as an 'authority figure' in your niche for prestigious online platforms, and publishing your own eBooks on Amazon, print houses and other media agencies.

 And more! 

The program entails 1-on-1 customised and individualised mentoring – with laser focused attention and proactive coaching given to each student.

I only take 10 students per term intake, since the course demands my focus and direct time + special attention given to each student.









 Writing is a powerful 'life-skill' 

It is an art form; mastering of which not only enhances your persona in the real world but also empowers your individualistic and professional worth online – be it social media, entrepreneurship or networking.

As a professional writer, author, copywriter, content creator and coach, I can tell you this: people who can communicate successfully – both verbal and written – have far more influence over their and other people’s lives than those who can’t!


 The smartest people in the world may sound the dumbest online if they don’t know how to put words together – and vice versa! 


Having an intelligent ‘web persona’ is just as imperative as your dealings in real life. People judge you online based on ‘what’ you say and ‘how’ you say it – whether you’re voicing your opinion about a political issue, leading an online community or even selling a product via a business.


  Writing is a necessity, not a ‘want’  


Nothing will make you stand out amongst a crowd like a large, effective and diverse repertoire of vocabulary. The best way to get what you want in life is through compelling communication skills.

Linguistics and the art of conveying your ‘message’ to an audience in a riveting and all-encompassing manner is a critical ‘life-skill’ that has made peasants into kings and desolate lands into advanced civilisations throughout the annals of human history. Fact!

Whether your purpose is to communicate for business, selling a product or service, implementing change within the social fabric or even leaving a personal legacy behind for generations to cherish, ‘what’ you say and ‘how’ you say it is what ‘defines’ your present and your future, dead or alive!


 The Power of Persuasion 




 As human beings, we are creatures of emotion

Love, hate, jealousy, fear, pity – all are forms of emotion that make us beings of empathy and intellect.

We use that intellect to make decisions via “free will”. In essence, human behaviour can be controlled if free will can be controlled.

How do you control free-will?

 Through the power of sheer persuasion! 

And words have the ability to ‘fuel’ persuasion via creating beliefs, images, stories and narratives that captivate the heart and consume the mind.

Have you ever felt that you had so much to say about yourself and your business, but couldn’t find the right words?

If you can’t put into words your own sentiments, how are others expected to follow?


 Think & Write. Before you expect others to ‘Act’ 



The course is in written online format with interactive reading & written exercises; enabling you to use your mind and thought process to learn and implement the concepts + strategies, rather than relying on spoon-fed videos.

Videos are only good for technical courses.

For literature based courses; reading and writing based formats are the most effective because they are very similar to a class-room based setting, where your intellectual, mental and emotional spheres are stimulated and ‘forcibly’ used; thus resulting in a higher magnitude of learning.

I have spent over 12 months in developing this course since its release in 2014 by keeping these crucial fundamentals in mind.



Personalized. Focused. Powerful. 



Unlike other courses or professionals, I do not just give you the course materials and “leave you on your own”.

I will be infact actively involved with you throughout the duration of the course, helping and guiding you in each of the 6 modules, being available 24/7 for one-on-one mentoring, assistance and interactive practice exercises.

I’ll personally mark, review and provide in-depth feedback upon completion of each module so we can PERFECT your writing every step of the way - uniquely tailored to your learning curve! 


The course is self-paced and allows you to progress at your own convenience, time and availability without constraints. You can complete the modules as you please without worrying about deadlines or time limitations.

The key is to make you absorb the learning as deeply as possible. Hence, regardless of timing, you have the luxury of self-paced learning with my 1 on 1 mentorship available through each module until whenever you finish.

The program materials and course modules will be accessible to you online - from anywhere in the world in real-time.


Unlike most mentors or coaches, I do not treat you as merely another 'number'. Your willingness to devote yourself to the program makes you an integral part of the 'Ace Family', and a BIG part of my very life!

You will have direct access to me on a personal basis via my Whatsapp number, Skype, Viber and Facebook anytime.

I promote a completely 'open-door' policy between myself and my students.

Lifetime Access 

Lifetime Access to the online course materials and classes, the study workbooks and bonus resources & tools.

Lifetime access allows you to keep the course content and resources as your personal property.

You will be able to access the course deliverables, modules and learning plans – anytime and from anywhere in the world, as many times as you’d like! They’re yours to keep.

And the best part? You can refer back to them even in the future after finishing the course, for help and guidance throughout your writing endeavours, without bothering to look anywhere else online or offline.


Exclusive Bonuses – Limited Time

Bonus-1 >> Once you are done with the course, you can source for clients via Facebook and other forms of social media and build a portfolio.

I offer additional guidance for free to all students of the course in how to do so, in order to source and get leads plus clients as a writer. Tried, tested and unorthodox methods that I’ve built Acepreneur on.

Bonus-2 >> Internship writing with a recognised SEO agency and online media consultancy firm; giving you the chance to gain experience, vital exposure and build a portfolio whilst making lasting networking connections with clients.

This opens up a whole new world for opportunity and online global visibility for you in more ways than one.

Bonus-3 >> Additional tools and resources, such as NY Times Best Selling eBooks and guides from globally renowned writers and masters of persuasion.

You can read the eBooks for leisure or for learning – during or after the course – as an added perk to perfect your writing.

Bonus-4 >> Exclusive student access to the official Acepreneur Writer’s Hub for Entrepreneurs Facebook Group  — a thriving global community and one-stop platform for aspiring authors, bloggers, writers, wordpreneurs and everything writing related!

Students partake in various weekly and monthly group activities, contents and other support / collective help initiatives. I also post valuable content that I do not elsewhere on any other platform online.
















  >> Reserve Your Space << 

  While Bonuses and Current Pricing Last!  



 $697.00 USD ONLY 




Note: The current pricing may change in the future, as Acepreneur grows, mentorship popularity increases and class-term intakes scale in size.


  Enroll right now and benefit from the current pricing of $697.00

New Pricing for 2022 takes effect on DECEMBER 31ST, 2021 (It will be $897.00)  




  • 1-on-1 customized, individualized and personalized mentorship + coaching!

  • Lifetime access to powerful learning resources, tools and materials!

  • Self-paced learning; learn from anywhere and anytime at your own speed!

  • Easy and real professional training with 'no-fluff' approach!

  • Ace 'secret' strategies to superior online content curation and copywriting! 

  • New York Times Best Selling eBooks and guides from globally renowned writers and masters of persuasion!

  • Industry-insider tactics to getting published on major platforms like The Huffington Post, - and more!

  • Direct personal access to your coach & mentor Ali 'Ace' Ash himself!

  • Exclusive private member access to globally renowned FB support community!

  • Opportunity for internship at renowned digital media agency! 

  • Access to my personal 'hand-picked' contacts and networks in the publication, blogging and authorship industry worldwide! Great way to get international exposure and gain credibility - globally!

  • 24/7 customer service support! 

... AND MORE! 






More raving testimonials and reviews at: Official Acepreneur Facebook Page



Module 6 - Publishing
Publishing - Module Contents
Ace Elite Gold Plan $697.00 Order
3 Reviews
Mariah Adebi

Truly one of the best online mentoring programs on professional writing and content creation. Loving every step and each module has a wealth of knowledge to offer. Love the open-door policy the course instructor has with all his students and the thriving FB community for the program is just another world of immense proactive knowledge and learning on its own. Love this course and would highly recommend it.

Posted by Mariah Adebi on October 6th at 3:48am

Melanie Chan

I've always loved writing since I was a teen...thanks to the Acepreneur Academy course... I'm now addicted to writing. 3 modules into the course currently...and I can already see a powerful difference in my style development. My mentor Ali Ash is exceptionally gifted... and very responsive to my learning curve. Great program and excellent coaching...definitely, and highly recommended!

Posted by Melanie Chan on August 31st at 6:36am


Amazing course with powerful writing strategies, practical techniques and everything one needs to know for persuasive, attention-grabbing professional writing. I'm in love.

Posted by JAFFER ABBAS on August 24th at 9:50pm



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