The most masterfully epic launchpad for aspiring bloggers. Skyrocket yourself into the stratosphere of the blogging universe with power, persuasion, style and linguistic grace. Empower yourself with the ability to captivate an audience at 'will' - even if you've never blogged before!



Learn how to create amazing blog content and build a massive following that will engage readers and drive traffic to your site.

Unravel the major tools and platforms essential to growing a successful blog and turn your blog into a revenue-generating asset.




BLOGURU is the most masterfully epic launchpad for aspiring bloggers. Skyrocket yourself into the stratosphere of the blogging universe with power, persuasion, style, linguistic grace and the ability to captivate an audience - even if you've never blogged before!


  • Includes powerful learning content and modules, 1.5 hours of insightful videos, resource materials and tools 

  • Build a profitable business and turn your blog into a revenue-generating asset

  • Learn how to promote your content to ensure people actually see it

  • Develop the mindset of a successful blogger and build a beautiful website using WordPress


 Why Take This Course? 

This course is specifically tailored towards writers, content creators, bloggers, and online entrepreneurs.

You will gain the skills and techniques required for developing a successful blog that harnesses the power of Social Media, SEO, Digital Marketing and other aspects that MAGNIFY your value proposition as a professional, an individual or as a business.

It can be difficult to stand out in the diluted landscape of the blogging community but this course will teach you how to promote your content the right way and showcase the best you have to offer.

Writing a powerful blog for your personal website, business, online audience or real-world pursuits - all comes down to fundamental key elements. 

These elements define the worth, depth, substance, viability and overall relevance of what you have to say, and how you say it! The below graphic gives a sneak peak look at some tips ( which are merely a 'tip of the iceberg' - no pun intended lol ) and strategies to creating powerful blog posts.

These are merely 1% of the proven techniques, industry-relevant strategies and results-oriented approaches based on Acepreneur results that the BLOGURU course encompasses throughout its awe-aspiring content, deliverables, modules and learning materials.


You're in for a RIDE



Who is this course for?


The BLOGURU course is ideal for aspiring writers, content creators, bloggers and entrepreneurs, or any individual looking to unravel the power of blogging in the modern world of social media.

As long as you know the English language, this course promises to empower you as a Blogging Guru and Maestro beyond the slash of a pen or stroke of a key!


 Your Instructor 



Ali 'Ace' Ash is a professional writer, accomplished author, expert blogger, ace copywriter and specialist content curator who has been writing and building eye-wateringly delicious things on the web for over 15 years.

His work has been read by hundreds of thousands of people globally, featured on The Huffington Post,, CopyBlogger, Business Insider, The Muslim Vibe, HubSpot and many other renowned international publications.



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Ali 'Ace' Ash

Ali is a globally renowned writer, copywriter, content curator, international columnist, ace 'wordpreneur' and mentor with over 15 years of expertise in the power of written communications. Catch him 'red-handed' at

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